Craftsmanship and design services for signage, retail spaces and commercial exteriors

Encore Graphics is located in Northern California and provides full service signage and retail space branding services. We specialize in interior and exterior commercial signage and displays, as well as full scale store re-imaging projects. Contact us to find out how we can help improve your display graphics for increased visibility, brand quality and way-finding.


Retail Space Design

Let our team work with you to create your perfect commercial space. We provide anything from light interior remodeling to the full-scale redesign of your business or retail environment. 


Signage Design & Production

Our creative team works with numerous retail clients on a continuous basis to provide design and production support of their signage and point-of-sale advertising materials, in addition to permanent interior decor and environmental graphics.


Signage Fulfillment

Providing full service production, packaging and bar coding for your warehouse distribution system to a store-wide signage campaign.  Our team can design the most cost effective method of packaging and transport including all branding material.


Work directly with our expert team to reduce costs and increase the visibility and impact of your brand

As we have done for over 26 years, you will work primarily with the owners and managers of Encore Graphics. We do not use sales representatives so you have direct access to the most experienced and capable team members. Our material efficient sourcing and production practices, combined with our state of the art digital workflow assures that you will receive the highest quality and value for your investment.